5 Marketing Tips for Tradeshow Exhibitors

Tradeshows are an effective way to meet new clients; sell a product or service; and create brand awareness. For many exhibitors, tradeshows come at a high cost with no guarantee of a return on investment.  However, creating a marketing strategy to include before, during and after the event can go a long way in raising your ROI. Make the most of your next event with these 5 tradeshow marketing tips.

Know What You Want

Sales professionals know how important it is to identify and understand their tradeshow audience beforehand. Countless hours are spent researching CRM databases, client websites and social media profiles looking for the best ways to make a connection and ultimately make a sale. It’s equally important to identify what you expect from the tradeshow. Do you want new sales leads? Sell a product or service? Create brand awareness? Make sure your strategy reflects your goals by creating specific marketing messages to a specific target audience.

Make Contact Early

Upon registering, exhibitors are typically provided access to all attendee contact information. This is your “go to” list of all potential buyers and your chance to make contact before the big day. Create email or direct mail campaigns to get them thinking about you before stepping foot on the tradeshow floor. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself, share your products or services, and, of course, encourage them to stop by your booth!

Stand Out from the Crowd

Provide attendees a variety of attractive, attention-getting sales collateral, such as product brochures, sell sheets and exhibitor kits. Consider having both hard and electronic copies on hand. Don’t forget to put your tradeshow booth number on all sales collateral. Many out-of-town exhibitors choose Las Vegas-based businesses to provide print and design services for their show. This is a convenient alternative to shipping your sales collateral to the event center or, worse yet, having to bring it with you on the plane.

Leave a Lasting Impression

According to the nonprofit Promotional Products Association International, 85% of consumers choose to do business with an advertiser after receiving a promotional product. Statistics further show that promo items increase top-of-mind recall and brand awareness. Promotional product giveaways at your booth help draw those attendees who prefer keeping their distance into your inner circle. Incorporating branded materials into a drawing or contest is yet another effective way to engage potential customers.

The Follow Up

Every sales person knows that follow-up is critical to closing the sale. Whether you engaged in a detailed discussion or simply exchanged business cards, you want to keep the momentum moving in your direction.  Traditional methods of phone and email are two of the most effective ways to keep in touch. Connecting (and engaging!) on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites continue to grow as the preferred method of follow up for many buyers. You know your audience best, so trust your instincts. We wish you the best of success at your next tradeshow.